I’m Yellow But I Can Be Mellow :)


Something funny just happened to me!

Suddenly I love slow and oh-so-mellow songs, especially the ones about love.
Here I list my top 4 current favorite love songs:

1. Officially Missing You – Tamia
2. Selfish – *NSYNC
3. Take It From Here – Justin Timberlake
4. After The Love Has Gone – Earth, Wind, & Fire

I guess it all started from my own project for one my university subjects called Metode Penelitian Kualitatif. My lecturer suggested me to do some research about how nightclub music influences the emotion of young people’s.

If you pay attention carefully, you will find some special characteristics for young people who go to the nightclubs frequently. Generally, they’re emotionally unstable and they don’t have that much tolerance when facing diversities in their society. They tend to get involved with social conflicts and stand out to be rebels.

There’s a presumption that those characteristics might be caused by the fact that they enjoy too much of loud music which is often played in nightclubs. Physically, loud music can cause headaches and the increasing of bloodstream and heartbeats. And this probably will be followed by some emotional outbursts. So, the objective of my research would be whether the nightclub music influences the young people emotionally and psychologically or not.

Somehow, I started the research by testing my own self. I know that I love all those upbeat and whooping songs, hehe 🙂
So, does my unstable emotion come from my interest of listening to those kind of music?
There’s only one way to find out about that: trying on some slow songs for myself in a couple of days and see if I feel any difference.

So, these last two days I’ve been trying to stay away from some crap music (which, funnily, is my taste, haha…) and keep listening to some romantic slow love songs (especially those four songs I mentioned above!). Plus… I’ve been staying away from people who have negative aura (you know, those kind of people who like to look down on you and make you feel stupid or upset :p). And well, I guess somehow it worked!

I’m feeling a little bit more peaceful and calmed down now (suddenly I also feel like listening to Innocence by Avril Lavigne!)

“This innocence is brilliant… I hope that it will stay… This moment is perfect… Please don’t go away… I need you now… And I’ll hold on to it, don’t you let it pass you by…”

Geez, music is truly my true love.

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