Me: Talking About Marriage!

Featured image: Wabi Sabi Organic Wedding Band in Rose Gold by Gardens of the Sun.

For some reasons, marriage has never been my dream, or my goal of life, all over this time. I used to say that I would never want to get married and have children, and most of my friends were a bit shocked to hear that.

I can understand. I mean, it’s not normal for a girl in my society to think of marriage that way. Well, I’m always an exception, eh? Haha.

Now, it is still not my dream, though I can’t deny that I’ve been thinking about it too recently, since now I’ve found someone I love to be in a serious relationship with me.

Anyway, though it’s not my dream, I’m always happy to see other people getting married, especially when I know they’re both truly in love with each other! I even once dreamed to be a wedding organizer, because I thought it would be fun to plan a perfect wedding party for many kinds of couples, as we all know that each couple would have their own unique interests about how to celebrate their special day! So, although there is a normal international standard for wedding party (like white gowns, black tuxedos, etc), I believe different couple would have different ‘personal touch’ that would appear in their parties.

Anyway (again :p), I’d like to share something that has successfully made me feel so happy today.

I got an invitation from a friend of mine in my university (Chandra Novan, but we all call him Sukun!). I was surprised to see the invitation, because it was written there that he’s getting married to his girlfriend (Maria Adriana Dewinta, or just call her Chichi) – who is also my classmate in university – this next Sunday, February 28!

Habis ngeliat undangan itu, gwe merasa seakan-akan mood gwe mendadak naik sampai ke titik puncak, dan gwe langsung memandang temen-temen di sekeliling kelas dan melempar senyum – yang sepertinya lebih kelihatan seperti seringai super lebar – ke arah Sukun yang duduk di pojok kanan belakang kelas (gwe tadi duduk di depan lho, hohoho…).

Temen-temen yang duduk di deket gwe ngerasa heran ngeliat perubahan raut wajah gwe itu. Ditambah lagi, setelah itu gwe langsung heboh membicarakan di mana dan kapan misa dan resepsi pernikahan itu akan dilangsungkan… belum lagi ribut masalah baju apa yang mau dipakai, dan dengan siapa kami akan pergi ke sana…

Salah satu dari temen-temen gwe bilang gini ke gwe, “Kok lu jadi kelihatan lebih seneng daripada yang mau nikah sih?!”

So I laughed. I mean, YES, I was feeling EXTREMELY HAPPY for them! And well, yeah, I’m a bit drama queen, so that’s why I felt like I needed to show what I feel!

Setelah euphoria itu selesai (dan setelah kelas Psikologi Eksperimen pagi itu juga selesai), suddenly my other friend asked me this silly little question, “Kapan nyusul, Mis?”

Kontan setelah itu, beberapa teman lainpun menanyakan hal yang sama, “Iya, Mis! Kapan nyusul lo?”

I laughed again, and I said, “10 tahun lagi! Lo pada masih inget sama gwe nggak besok tuh?” Then they laughed.

One of them asked me again, “Kok lu seneng banget sih, Mis?”

I answered, “Ya gwe seneng aja, karena gwe selalu berpikir bahwa gwe nggak akan pernah married. Jadi kalo ada temen yang nikah, gwe bakalan seneng banget. Apalagi gwe emang udah lama banget nungguin ada temen yang mau nikah, karena bakalan seru banget dateng ke pesta nikahan temen bareng temen-temen yang lain!”

Yeah, that’s what I feel. I’m truly happy for Sukun & Chichi and I really wish them a great life in the future, as they will be starting a ‘new life’ on this upcoming Sunday…

And if you’re also wondering, “How about you, Misha? When will be your turn?”
I guess I can’t answer that question right away… I still need time, so much time, to think about that. Cause the only thing that people cannot rush from me is my heart. They can rush every other thing of me, but not the deepest part of my heart. (Okay, I’m getting a bit too cheesy and mellow here! Sorry)

I still have a loooooong way to go!!! But if that day ever comes to me, I want it to be the happiest day of the entire of my life 🙂

5 thoughts on “Me: Talking About Marriage!

  1. Yup, gw juga seneng sama pernikahan mereka…
    gw pengen banget bisa merit gitu (kebalikan dari lu sih), eh malah ada temen yang merit… hehe… ya gw seneng lah…
    dan rasanya kok kita jauh lebih seneng dari temen lain atau malah pengantennya yak??? hahay…


  2. @Anonymous 1 (I know it's you, Florie!): haha..iya,, btw, ayo kita cari kado buat mereka neh.. keburu hari Minggu..

    @Anonymous 2 (I don't know who you are): thanks, but don't be so sure, wkwkwk…


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