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Right after I finished my so-called ♠ 77 Days of Euro Trip in the end of 2016, a lot of people were asking me about my itinerarybudget, and expenses for the whole 2.5 months. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I should share about the budget and expenses – as I know these 2 things can really depend on HOW you want to travel… but I guess I’ll just talk about it anyway – cause obviously I’m here to share my PERSONAL experience.

So either you think my itinerary, budget, and expenses make sense or not, that’s okay. I think everyone should plan their own and one can’t just copy someone else’s. Therefore, please note that the content of this article is just for reference. It is not a recommendation. You might get inspired, or you might not. At least you get an idea of how I’ve done my travel.

Use hashtag #MJ77DaysofEuroTrip to see the photos from my trip on Instagram!

♥ Itinerary ♥

Below I’m outlining my journey from 12 September to 27 November 2016, along with the transportation used to get from one city to another 😀


12 | Bangkok, Thailand ⇒ Helsinki, Finland (by plane [Aeroflot] via Moscow, Russia)
13 – 17 | Helsinki, Finland
18 | Day trip to Tallinn, Estonia (by ferry [Eckerö Line – M/s Finlandia])
19 – 20 | Helsinki, Finland
21 | Helsinki, Findland  Stockholm, Sweden (by ferry [Viking Line – M/s Mariella]*)
22 | Stockholm, Sweden
23 | Stockholm, Sweden ⇒ Copenhagen, Denmark (by bus [FlixBus]*)
24 – 25 | Copenhagen, Denmark
26 | Copenhagen, Denmark ⇒ Hamburg, Germany (by bus [FlixBus]*)
27 – 30 | Hamburg, Germany



1 | Hamburg, Germany ⇒ Amsterdam, Netherlands (by bus [FlixBus]*)
2 – 3 | Amsterdam, Netherlands
4 | Amsterdam, Netherlands ⇒ Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands (by train [NS Sprinter] to Beverwijk, Netherlands + local bus to Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands)
5 | Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands
6 | Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands ⇒ Amsterdam, Netherlands (by local bus to Beverwijk, Netherlands + train [NS Sprinter] to Amsterdam, Netherlands)
7 | Amsterdam, Netherlands ⇒ The Hague, Netherlands (by bus [FlixBus])
8 | The Hague, Netherlands ⇒ Antwerp, Belgium (by bus [FlixBus])
9 | Antwerp, Belgium ⇒ Paris, France (by bus [FlixBus])
10 – 11 | Paris, France
12 | Paris, France ⇒ Les Herbiers, France (by train [TGV] to Angers, France via St. Pierre Tours, France + friend’s car to Les Herbiers, France)
13 | Day trip to Nantes, France (by friend’s car)
14 | Les Herbiers, France ⇒ Paris, France (by friend’s car to Cholet, France + train [TGV] to Paris, France via Angers & Le Mans, France) ⇒ Zürich, Switzerland (by bus [FlixBus]*)
15 – 18 | Zürich, Switzerland
19 | Zürich, Switzerland ⇒ Prague, Czech Republic (by bus [FlixBus]*)
20 – 21 | Prague, Czech Republic
22 | Prague – Czech Republic ⇒ Vienna, Austria (by bus [FlixBus])
23 | Vienna, Austria
24 | Vienna, Austria ⇒ Bratislava, Slovakia (by bus [FlixBus])
25 | Bratislava, Slovakia ⇒ Budapest, Hungary (by bus [FlixBus])
26 | Budapest, Hungary
27 | Budapest, Hungary ⇒ Zagreb, Croatia (by bus [FlixBus])
28 | Zagreb, Croatia ⇒ Ljubljana, Slovenia (by bus [FlixBus])
29 | Day trip to Bled, Slovenia (by local bus)
30 | Ljubljana, Slovenia ⇒ Florence, Italy (by bus [FlixBus] to Trieste, Italy + train [Regionale Veloce] to Venice, Italy + train [Frecciargento] to Florence, Italy)
31 | Florence, Italy



1 | Florence, Italy
2 | Florence, Italy ⇒ Barcelona, Spain (by plane [Vueling] via Bologna, Italy**)
3 – 9 | Barcelona, Spain
10 | Barcelona, Spain ⇒ Valencia, Spain (by train [Euromed])
11 – 12 | Valencia, Spain
13 | Valencia, Spain ⇒ Granada, Spain (by bus [ALSA])
14 – 15 | Granada, Spain
16 | Granada, Spain ⇒ Lisbon, Portugal (by bus [ALSA]*)
17 – 19 | Lisbon, Portugal
20 | Lisbon, Portugal ⇒ Barcelona, Spain (by plane [TAP Portugal])
21 | Barcelona, Spain
22 | Barcelona, Spain ⇒ Helsinki, Finland (by plane [KLM] via Amsterdam, Netherlands)
23 | Helsinki, Finland
24 | Helsinki, Finland ⇒ Rovaniemi, Finland (by train [VR InterCity] via Oulu, Finland)
25 | Rovaniemi, Finland
26 | Rovaniemi, Finland ⇒ Helsinki, Finland (by train [VR InterCity] via Oulu, Finland)
27 | Helsinki, Finland ⇒ Bangkok, Thailand (by plane [Aeroflot] via Moscow, Russia*)


* = Overnight
** = The airport in Florence had weather issue, so all the passengers were transferred to the airport in Bologna (by bus) to take the flight from there

4 Countries in BLUE range = Northern Europe
6 Countries in PURPLE/PINK range = Western Europe
3 Countries in GREEN range = Eastern Europe
5 Countries in RED/ORANGE range = Southern Europe

All countries I visited are part of Schengen area, except for Croatia. However, you can visit Croatia if you have a valid Schengen visa with Dual Entries or Multiple Entries.

Total days traveled: 77
Total countries visited: 18
Total cities visited: 26

♦ Budget ♦

I had planned this Euro Trip since long time ago. As an Indonesian passport holder, it’s not that easy for me to have a long trip in Europe. If you are coming from another third world country as I am, I know you’ll totally get what I mean 😉

First, I will need to get a visa (in this case, Schengen visa). I can’t just book a flight ticket and go. For sure I can’t just be like “Alright, I’m gonna fly to Europe and not sure when I’ll be back, so see you when I see you, guys…” and all sort of traveling style like this. I wish I could! But well, different nationalities have different conditions, eh? Just deal with it.

To get the visa, I will need to have enough savings. To have enough savings, of course, I need to save up! And so I saved up for 1.5 years. I saved 4,000,000 IDR or about 278€ every month. In the final month,

I had saved 72,000,000 IDR or about 5,000€ for the trip.

This amount is to cover: return flight tickets, visa, travel insurance, accommodation, transportation, meal, attraction entrance fees, souvenirs… basically EVERYTHING.

For the visa application itself, I wasn’t sure how much money was required. I applied from the Embassy of Finland in Jakarta, and seems like they did not state exact amount of money for the requirement anywhere in their official website. Due to this, I just referred to the amount required by Embassy of Netherlands, where Indonesians normally apply Schengen visa through, which was 34€ per day. Yes, it’s not true that they require you to have the minimum of 50,000,000 IDR in your bank account for Tourist Visa no matter how many days you’ll be traveling in Europe – in case you’ve heard this rumour. This seems to be the requirement set by travel agencies, but not by embassies. Embassies set daily fund requirement. So if you plan to travel, let’s say, only for 2 weeks, you can count by yourself how much money is required for your visa application. Of course, it would be much wiser if you have more than what’s required – just to be safe. According to the length of my trip, I would only be required to have 77 days × 34€ = 2,618€ in my bank account. I prepared 5,000€ as I mentioned earlier, which is almost double.

♣ Expenses ♣

Here I broke down my expenses for visa, travel insurance, return flight tickets, accommodation, transportation (inter city), and miscellaneous/other 🙂

Schengen Tourist Visa (valid up to 90 days)
obtained from Embassy of Finland – Jakarta, Indonesia
= 900,000 IDR
= 64€

Travel Insurance
AXA Travel Insurance – Schengen (for 77 days)
covering up to 30,000€ medical expenses in the Schengen zone
1,331,393 IDR
= 89€

Return Flight Tickets
Aeroflot (Bangkok, Thailand ⇔ Helsinki, Finland via Moscow, Russia)
= 44,573 RUB
= 9,449,577 IDR
= 667€

To be honest, half of the trip, I didn’t have to pay for accommodation – thanks to my dear ♥FRIENDS and FAMILY♥ who invited me to stay in their houses/apartments in Europe. I also did Couchsurfing twice. The rest, I stayed in hostels, guest house, hotel, and Airbnb accommodations.


Check the PDF file here: accommodation-in-europe-by-misha-johanna

Total expenses for accommodation
= 8,219,049 IDR
= 561.87€

I booked using HostelWorld for all the hostels. I love their app!
For the remaining 8 nights that are not covered in the accommodation table, I spent them in overnight public transportation.

Transportation (Inter City)
Below is the inter city transportation expenses table. Kindly note that (  ) refers to one way and (  ) refers to return trips.


Check the PDF file here: inter-city-transportation-in-europe-by-misha-johanna

Total expenses for transportation (inter city)
= 16,605,180 IDR
= 1,124.48€

I’m really sorry that I don’t have the detailed breakdown for my other expenses including in-city transportation, meals, attraction entrance fees, souvenirs, etc – just because I didn’t take notes for every single purchase I had for this expense category. BUT! I can give you examples so you can estimate the price range.

♣ For in-city transportation, Northern and Western European countries tend to be more expensive than Eastern and Southern European ones. Examples:
• 1-day pass in Helsinki, Finland (Northern Europe) = 8€ / ± 115,000 IDR
• 2-days pass in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Western Europe) = 12.50€ / ± 180,000 IDR
• 1-day pass in Prague, Czech Republic (Eastern Europe) = 110 CZK / ± 4€ / ± 58,000 IDR
• 10-trips ticket (I used it for 3 days) in Valencia, Spain (Southern Europe) = 8.35€ / ± 120,000 IDR

♣ For meals, I’d say “The more south you go, the better the food, the cheaper the price!” One dish in a restaurant in Northern or Western European countries will cost about 20+€ / ± 285,000+ IDR per person. Whereas in Eastern or Southern European countries, you can have 2 meals with the same amount! Spain is my favourite when it comes to dining out. There’s a lot of restaurants with set menu (appetizer, main course, dessert, and wine) that only cost 10€ / ± 142,000 IDR – how awesome is that?!

♣ For attraction entrance fees… 🙂 I believe you can just Google it, one by one. It really depends on which attractions you wanna visit. Some attractions are also free to enter.

♣ For souvenirs, personally, I collect fridge magnets. I bought at least 2 magnets from each country I visited. The prices vary from 1€ / ± 14,200 IDR to almost 10€ / ± 142,000 IDR. The cheapest magnets I bought were the ones I found in Tallinn, Estonia. They were only 1€ / ± 14,200 IDR each. The most expensive one was the magnet I bought in Zürich, Switzerland – it was 7€ / ± 100,000 IDR.

When I was hosted by my friends and family, they often cooked for me – or let me use their kitchen to make something for myself. Some of them also drove me around, and in smaller cities I preferred to just walk instead of using public transportation. Thanks to them, again, I saved quite a lot for meals and in-city transportation…

By the way, I normally have more details for this miscellaneous expenses in the other blog posts for each city. So, feel free to browse my blog around! 😉


In IDR/Rp. (Indonesian Rupiah)

Visa, Travel Insurance, Return Flight Tickets, Accommodation, 
Transportation (Inter City) = 36,505,199 IDR
Other Expenses = ± 28,494,801 IDR
Total Expenses = 65,000,000 IDR [round up]
In EUR/€ (Euro)

Visa, Travel Insurance, Return Flight Tickets, Accommodation, 
Transportation (Inter City) = 2,506.35€
Other Expenses = ± 1,993.65€
Total Expenses = 4,500€ [round up]

♠♠♠ ♠♠♠ ♠♠♠ Additional Note ♠♠♠ ♠♠♠ ♠♠♠

I’m actually lucky enough that I didn’t have to quit my job to be able to travel for 2.5 months. All my work is done online and my boss gave me permission to do a workation = working while on vacation – this is the term we use in where I work. I did take a 3-week leave, though – but the rest, I just managed my time to do my tasks and travel around every day. If you pay careful attention on my itinerary, you’ll see that I have the highest mobility in October – and that’s when I took most of my leaves.

Also, cause I kept my job, I didn’t have to spend all my savings. I withdrew cash several times during the trip from my salary account, and just used my savings to pay the credit card billing. In the end, I only spent half of my Euro Trip savings, and my total expenses were even lower than what I had prepared – as you can see from the calculation.

‘Leaving everything behind’ before embarking for a long trip is not a trend for travellers from Indonesia, or I believe, many other third world countries. Even if we have enough money to do so, we are often limited by the visa regulations (please note that I’m referring to traveling to first world countries here). Embassies need to know whether the visa applicants have something back in our country that will force us to come back home – or not. It could be our job, our own business, a spouse, etc. I think the main reason is that they just don’t want to risk receiving illegal immigrants who are not returning to their home countries after arriving in the country of destination.

So yeah, in this modern era, there’s a lot of ways to travel! You can take either paid or unpaid leave… study abroad… join a volunteering program… or just get a job that will require you to travel! Basically, just make it happen 🙂

Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here 😀

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Thank you so much for reading! xxx



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    I’m just planning my solo europe trip yesterday and then your blog link appears on my facebook feed 😍

    Surprisingly you dont need to quit job for that such a looooong trip like what i have planned for myself.

    You must be working in IT area, right? If yes then i have the opportunity.

    Thank you for sharing!

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    1. mishajoh says:

      Not exactly in IT department-nya but yes, in IT industry (kerja di perusahaan yg bikin mobile application).
      Good luck for your solo Euro trip! It’s gonna be UH-MAY-ZINK!!! *alay hahah


  8. dinda enno says:

    Kereeeen, my bucket list for long time ago to go around europe, but not yet come true till now hiks…hiks…

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    1. mishajoh says:

      Plan it, Dinda! Perencanaan matang (*cieh) and fokus nabung, pasti bisa!! Thanks for visiting my blog! :*


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    Hi Mba Misha,
    Tulisanya keren dan suka banget. Makasih ya sudah di share.
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      Hi Arnetta! Thanks udah mampir ke blog saya yaa :*
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      Hai Mba Vira! Thanks udah mampir di sini 🙂 Betul Mba, nabung memang the hardest part-nya sih, apalagi knowing that kita bakal ngabisin itu dalam waktu singkat padahal ngumpulinnya lama banget hahahah!! But it’s all worth it kok! The experience, the memories, the things we learn while traveling… Lifetime investment! Sukses terus juga, Mbak Vira!


  11. surjorimba says:

    Saya selalu kagum dengan orang yang mau dan senang traveling. Ke mana pun itu. Saya ada rencana ke Denmark akhir 2017. Semoga ada tips untuk keliling negara itu.

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    1. mishajoh says:

      Hai Mas Surjo, thanks udah mampir ke blog saya 🙂 Untuk Denmark kemarin saya cuma sempet ke Copenhagen, dan kebetulan dapet pengalaman menyenangkan sekaligus nyebelin bin aneh pas di sana, hahah – kalau tertarik baca bisa ke sini:

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        Thx! So pasti trip Denmark akan saya baca.

        Btw saya juga punya blog. Jika ada waktu luang boleh mampir ….


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    1. mishajoh says:

      Hai Lena, thanks udah mampir ke blog saya 🙂 Selama perjalanan di Eropa kemarin sih aman2 aja walau sempet ketemu beberapa orang yang aneh hihi… Kalo utk ijin, karena sebelumnya udah lumayan sering pergi2 juga jadinya dari ortu sih gak comment apa2. Mereka agak mikir saya gila sih karena mau ke 18 negara haha, tapi ya saya buktiin juga kalo bisa :p

      Less than 2 weeks sebelum saya berangkat, saya sebenernya baru married. Tapi suami saya emang udah tau saya ngerencanain solo travel ini sejak 1.5 tahun yang lalu, jadi married gak married tetep berangkat wkwkwk.. Mungkin kuncinya sih, tunjukin aja dulu kalo kita bisa traveling ke tempat2 yang deket dulu (biar keluarga percaya & ngerasa kita bisa jaga diri), baru makin lama makin jauh :p

      Sekarang Lena posisinya masih tinggal dengan ortu atau gimana? Masih sekolah/kuliah atau udah bekerja? Kalau menurut pengalaman saya (dan sahabat saya), kalo masih tinggal sama ortu dan secara finansial masih bergantung sm mereka tentunya akan susah untuk minta ijin. Tapi kalau sudah tinggal sendiri dan punya penghasilan sendiri – lebih gampang. Kalo saya agak ekstrim nih: bagi saya kalo udah mandiri, mau ngapa2in aku ga pernah minta ijin ortu lagi. Nah, ini tergantung ke posisi & budaya keluarga Lena aja sekarang gimana 🙂

      Semoga bermanfaat and happy traveling! xxx


  13. ainun says:

    keceh mb bisa ampe 2 bulanan, aku susah cutinya itu hiks hiks hiks. Btw, salam kenal


    1. mishajoh says:

      Salam kenal juga, Mba Ainun, thanks udah mampir ke blog saya. Kalau udah agak lama kerja di perusahaan tmpt Mba skrg kerja, coba aja tanya apakah bisa unpaid leave gak. Kalau saya kemarin cutinya cuma 3 minggu, sisanya saya kerja sambil traveling (kerjaan saya online).


  14. Nerissa says:

    Halo Kak Misha,
    makasih udah sharing di blognyaaa. ini ngebantu banget buat yg mau eurotrip first-timer termasuk aku :”)
    Boleh nanya kak? waktu kakak book tiket Flixbus itu belinya yg seperate atau yang Interflix pass 99Euro?
    Dan aman kan ya kak kalau yg long-journey gitu..?
    Soalnya aku bakal solo traveling juga dan tertarik buat pake flixbus, cuma masih ada ragu dan insecure karena sendirian :”)
    Terima kasih banyak kak x

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    1. mishajoh says:

      Hi Nerissa, thanks for visiting my blog!

      Waktu itu aku beli ketengan, biasanya H-1 atau H-2 aja, pake mobile app FlixBus-nya. Sebenernya malah baru tau nih ada Interflix pass dari kamu. Tadi aku liat2 bisa untuk 5 trips ya? Menurutku itu baru worth it kalau dipake untuk long / overnight trip sih, dari 1 kota ke kota lain yang cukup jauh (6-8 jam-an perjalanan misalnya), soalnya kalau kotanya deket2, harga tiket FlixBus paling cuma 5-10 Euros.
      Jadi baru kerasa hemat kalo dipake untuk trips yang mungkin harganya udah di atas 20 Euro / trip.

      FlixBus aman dan nyaman kok, ada Wi-Fi juga, dan sering jual snack juga di dalam bis, cuma minusnya, sering gak on time hehe, sama kadang2 terminalnya itu kurang jelas di mana (walau nempel sama terminal2 besar, tapi kadang sign-nya gak jelas atau malah gak ada), jadi kalau dateng jangan mepet karena takutnya masih perlu waktu juga buat cari si bus stop-nya 🙂



  15. Harry says:

    Suka blog nya,…..jelas dan detail keterangan nya, Kagum dengan semangat nya Misha !


    1. mishajoh says:

      Terima kasih udah mampir ke blog saya, Harry! 🙂


  16. Justine says:

    Question – Did you book your transportation between cities in advance?


    1. mishajoh says:

      Hi Justine, somehow I just saw your comment here, I didn’t get any notification in my email, sorry.
      To answer your question: No, I didn’t book it in advance. I normally booked 1-3 days before the departure.


  17. sarah says:

    Wow, kereeennnn… Penjelasannya komplit. Btw, teman kantor nggak ada yang protes gitu ya? Dapat ijin kerja diluar kantor #ngiri Salam kenal mbak


    1. mishajoh says:

      Hai Sarah, salam kenal juga! Makasih udah mampir di blog saya 🙂
      Hehehe kalo temen kantor gak ada yang protes sih waktu itu, soalnya sebenernya udah jadi company culture juga untuk ‘workation’ ini, jadi aku bukan satu-satunya yang pernah izin workation… makanya so far fine2 aja 🙂


  18. Agy Mustikha says:

    halo mbak.. salam kenal,

    cmiiw, mbak apply visa schengen via finland ya? karena negara terlama didatangi atau negara pertama mba? buat referensi aja si mba 🙂
    yang saya pernah baca, 2 syarat pengajuan visa, antara negara telama atau negara yang pertama didatangi, kalau misal durasi tinggal di negara schengen nya sama, boleh apply di negara yang pertama kali didatangi ya mba? tapi kalau ada 1 atau beberapa negara telama masa tinggalnya, kita harus apply visa di negara tersebut, meskipun kedatangan pertamanya bukan di negara itu.. gitu bukan ya mba? hiihiii, kira2 ada link yang bisa saya baca ga ya? saya cari di VFS kayanya engga ada..

    makasih banyak


    1. mishajoh says:

      Hai Agy, salam kenal juga 🙂

      Memang katanya begitu sih, harus apply di negara terlama yang dikunjungi. Menurutku sih lebih baik kalo negara terlama itu juga negara yang pertama dikunjungin, biar gak ribet aja. Tapi kalo gak gitu juga gpp kok.

      In my case, aku apply lewat kedutaan Finland karena:
      1) Finland adalah negara pertama yang aku datengin,
      2) Pengundangku tinggal di Finland (dia orang Indonesia yang kerja di sana),
      3) Finland adalah negara terlama yang aku kunjungin versi itinerary yang aku submit pas apply visanya*

      *Kenyataannya, negara terlama yang aku kunjungin pas trip ini adalah Spain. Finland jadi negara kedua terlama. Bukan bermaksud bohong waktu bikin itinerary ya, tapi namanya itin kan emang bisa berubah-ubah tergantung mood pas trip (dan Spain bikin agak susah move on) hehe :p

      Saranku sih, kalau negara terlama yang kamu kunjungin bukan negara pertama yang kamu datengin dan jumlah hari kunjungannya cuma beda 1-2 hari nih ya, bikin aja visa di negara pertama dan di itinerary kamu cut dikit aja jumlah harinya, samain dengan negara yang pertama. Kan nantinya kalo berubah kan juga gpp. Antar negara Schengen kalo keluar-masuk mereka ga akan ngecek passport atau itin yang kita submit pas bikin visa. Supaya gak ribet aja pas sampe di imigrasi sana…


  19. Maria says:

    The first time I read yours Mish! Love it!And why are you so brave?😂


    1. mishajoh says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog, beb! Awalnya takuuttt… apalagi pas pesawat baru take off, hahahaha, but things went well kok akhirnya hehe 🙂


  20. Marina says:

    Mishaaa kamu rajin banget bikin iten nyaaa… amazing! This reminds me that I have to be organize on my next trip. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mishajoh says:

      Thanks, Marina! Ini nulisnya sampe seminggu wkwkwkwk 😀


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