Where to Find Handsome Guys in Europe


I’ve seen so many articles in the internet, talking about where to find beautiful girls in Europe… so I told myself, why not writing about where to find the handsome guys?!

As a non-European girl, I’m pretty sure I can be quite objective when it comes to writing this list. Please note that everything I wrote here is based on my personal experience when I did a little observation during my 77 Days of Euro Trip in Autumn 2016.

I’m gonna mention 5 countries (from bottom to top order) where I personally have found the most good-lookin’ and interesting men in Europe:

  • Estonia
    Surprisingly, this small Baltic country keeps some sort of hidden treasure: cute guys with pale skin and mysterious vibe – generally with adorably shy personality as well! They seem to be more ‘traditional’ than most European guys I’ve met – and this somehow makes them look more humble… which is a good thing, right girls? 😉

    Ivan Gudkin | Model | Origin: Narva, Estonia | (source)

  • France
    My partner was actually the one who told me that France has the most handsome guys in Europe, believe it or not! To me, physically, French guys are not the best – as they can be quite petite, even for petite Asian girls like me (I’m 160cm / 46kg). However, I gotta admit they totally got the best ‘charm’ 😮 They definitely know how to treat girls, make us feel like a princess. They have a way of talking – and just the way they wink their eye, that could melt the heart of a girl. Be careful, ladies!

    Gaspard Ulliel | Actor, Model | Origin: Boulogne-Billancourt, France | (source)

  • Netherlands
    It’s not the fact that both my grandfathers from my mom’s side are Dutch that made me put Netherlands on the list – though I kinda felt like somehow I had to, haha! 😀  Dutch men are generally tall, educated, well-mannered, and friendly. It’s just really easy to get along with them – plus most of them speak perfect English so no problem if you can’t speak the local language!

    Ton Heukels | Model | Origin: Leiden, Netherlands | (source)

  • Spain
    Spanish guys are just hot creatures. 😉 😉 😉 They have this healthy glowing tanned skin, deep eyes with natural thick dark eyebrows, and an unquestionable passion for life. Having the image of flirtatious or even a player is not an issue for them. It’s obvious that they like being flexible and enjoy every moment – and they tend to always express what they feel/think!

    Mario Casas | Actor | Origin: Galicia, Spain | (source)

  • Sweden
    I never expected that I actually would encounter the most handsome guys in Europe in none other but Sweden! Swedish guys are this cool, modern, and a bit out-of-your-league type of guy 😀 Seriously, so many guys passing the streets effortlessly looking like models. One of my girl friends in Europe told me she has a friend who likes to have a short trip to Stockholm on weekends just to ‘watch the guys’ in the city. While mostly are blonde with blue eyes, you can find a good mix of ethnicity as well here.

    Benjamin Eidem | Model | Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden | (source)

What about you? What do you think is the best country in Europe to find handsome guys? Let me know what you think! xxx

Featured image: How to Be a Heartbreaker – Marina and The Diamonds (source)

6 thoughts on “Where to Find Handsome Guys in Europe

    1. Definitely, Kak Dani! I actually reeaaally wanted to include British guys – but since I haven’t been to UK, seems like it won’t be a valid opinion, LOL! Look forward to visit the country first, soon xxx


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