5 Things To Do at Hilton Bali Resort

5 Things to Do at Hilton Bali Resort

Last Sunday, I was in Hilton Bali Resort with my 2 besties, Maria and Andre, for a day visit. The resort itself nestled in a peaceful location in Nusa Dua area, stunningly standing tall on a 40-meter cliff overlooking Indian ocean. They have 389 rooms & suites, 19 villas, 6 restaurants, 8 semi-outdoor spa villas, and 4 swimming pools — with one of them having a 30m waterslide! How fun is that?

Staycation over a weekend in this resort would be super ideal, of course. But, if you’re only visiting for the day like I did, no big deal! I recommend these 5 things to do when you’re experiencing Hilton Bali Resort:

  1. Japanese Sunday Brunch at Shiki
    How can you say no to authentic Japanese cuisine for a brunch? Sunday brunch is definitely still a thing in Bali and Shiki Japanese Restaurant is the only place that serves Japanese Sunday Brunch in the island. Think about it: unlimited sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, etc. from 11:00 – 15:00? Yum! As a bonus, you’ll have this with spectacular ocean view.

    Hilton Bali Resort - Japanese Sunday Brunch
    …and of course, have it all with a bottle of Sapporo Beer (my all time favorite!!!)

  2. Enjoy the view of Indian ocean from the observation deck
    Can’t get enough of the ocean view? Go to Hilton Bali Resort‘s observation deck for an even greater view of the gorgeous Indian ocean that covers 20% of the earth surface. The wind is really strong when you’re up there on the observation deck rooftop, so if you have long hair like me, it would be better to tie it up!

    Hilton Bali Resort - Misha
    Excuse my hair for not behaving! Photo by @andrebinarto

  3. Relax by the beach
    This might be cliché but one thing you really need to do to embrace the beauty of Bali is to relax by at least one of its finest beaches. The beach at this resort is still quite secluded as it has limited access to public, so if you’re not feeling like having people approaching you for souvenirs or massage all the time, this is the right place to be. Just feeling the sea breeze on your skin and letting the hours roll by watching the waves can put your mind at ease…

    Hilton Bali Resort - Misha & Maria
    Photo by @andrebinarto

  4. Chef’s Special Menu for early dinner
    Waiting for the sunset and already feeling hungry? No worries. Hilton Bali Resort serves Chef’s Special Menu everyday at The Shore Restaurant & Bar. They had Sautéed Prawn with Carrot Purée by the time I was there and it was absolutely delicious. If you can’t eat seafood, the restaurant also serves dishes for you, hey meat lovers and vegetarians! My besties and I also ordered Club Sandwich and Potato Cauliflower Curry.

    Hilton Bali Resort - Prawn
    Photo by @andrebinarto

  5. Pre-sunset drinks at The Shore
    Still at The Shore Restaurant & Bar, it’s time to enjoy the drinks while waiting for the sun to set. You may note that the resort is facing south east, so you are actually going to see twilight instead of full sunset — which I think is as nice because the sky will turn slightly pink and orange! I was not feeling like alcoholic drink so I got me some juice. Basically, no matter what type of pre-sunset drink you like — whether you’re a cocktail, mocktail, coffee, tea, beer, wine, or whatever-drink person — they have it all!

    Hilton Bali Resort - Misha & Andre
    Photo by @maiasadipun

It was, without a doubt, a day well spent with Maria and Andre. We’ve been best friends for 11 years now, and it’s amazing to think about our journey as a team and as individuals. We keep on striving each and everyday to reach our dreams, and always find time in between to just enjoy a Sunday together.

Hilton Bali Resort is a good place to celebrate those little things in life, like,
♥ friendships that last ♥

Hilton Bali Resort

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