There’s Always First Time For Everything


Hell yeah, and this is my first time writing my own blog!

Well, I used to have one, but I guess Friendster blog doesn’t count, eh? :p
But I can’t deny it used to be the best place to express any feelings that I had.

My feelings when I had to move to another school in another town for the first time… when I had to deal with a very big family problem for the first time… when I had my heart broken for the first time… until when I was finally able to move on and fall in love again with another guy for the first time after my first broken heart!

Sounds cheesy, eh?

But that was my life anyway, haha…
And it IS true that there is always first time for everything.

Tomorrow, I’m going back to work FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR! =)

Honestly, I shouldn’t be writing blog at the moment, cause I need to prepare some stuff for teaching a foreign marine soldier (err… better not say ‘sailor’ cause it would just remind me about Sailor Moon, and that would sound too girly :p) at 1 PM tomorrow.

And, oh, it’s actually already past midnight, so I can’t call it tomorrow anymore, anyway. It is TODAY! January 19, 2010! I have to be ready 12 hours from now!!!

Well then, I guess I’m gonna leave this blog for a little while and come back after I get everything done tomorrow, eh, I mean today =)

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