3 Days in Manchester

This isn’t a guide nor a recommended itinerary for Manchester, but rather just the list of places I’ve personally been in the city during my 3-day stay in January 2022!

Day 1 | Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Ancoats & Northern Quarter

My friend Mariana took me to these two areas. Ancoats is some sort of a new hipster area in town. We went to buy some cinnamon rolls from this popular bakery, Pollen, then walked around the neighborhood – all the way to Northern Quarter. We found a store called Unitom that sells very cute coffee table books and artworks. The coolest thing is that they also sell artisan coffee beans there from Unorthodox Roasters, so I bought a pack for Edvinas! Later in the evening, we went to Selfridges to (mainly) check out some makeup items.


Day 2 | Thursday, January 20, 2022


Mariana and her husband, Justinas, live in Bramhall – a lovely district in Stockport, Greater Manchester. She took me and Lois, our common friend, around her neighborhood before we head to the next one.

Alderley Edge

As I’ve mentioned in my separate post about my 9-day, 9-night UK trip, Alderley Edge is an affluent neighborhood where many football players and wealthy/notable people live. Initially, we wanted to visit the neighborhood to do house (ehm, mansion) sightseeing. In the end, we ended up just going to a bakery (G. Wienholt), a supermarket (Waitrose), a few thrift stores, and a restaurant (The Botanist) 😀 We did see a few houses that are close to London Road (Alderley Edge’s main road), but not as much as we thought we would as it was already getting dark.
PS: A bit of fun story – we actually met Nemanja Matić, a Manchester United player when going to the bakery! I didn’t take a picture of him, of course, as I respected celebrities’ boundaries in their personal time 😀 but it was just such a cool coincidence!


Day 3 | Friday, January 21, 2022

John Rylands Library

So I went to Hogwarts!
Haha, not really 😀 This is a library founded by Enriqueta Rylands, who used the inheritance from her late multi-millionaire cotton manufacturer husband, John Rylands, to fund the building. This neo-Gothic library officially opened in January 1900 and has become a part of the University of Manchester in 1972. Rumors said that J.K. Rowling got her inspiration for how Hogwarts should look like from this library. I mean, just look at how pretty the reading room is!

Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle truck at Piccadilly Gardens

So on the week I was in Manchester, Netflix had set up a spot at the Piccadilly Gardens for this food truck to promote this series: Too Hot To Handle. They offer free treats! You just simply need to queue and you’ll get those cute-looking drink-slash-donut-slash-tons-of-cream dessert. Too bad I already needed to leave to catch my bus to London. I couldn’t wait for too long, standing in the line.

To see where I went for meals in Manchester and a bit of personal story, check this post. Where I’ve been in Edinburgh (on the same trip) are listed here and in London here!

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