Wijk aan Zee, Gimme Some #VitaminSea

Wijk aan Zee Cover

Wijk aan Zee, literally translates to “district by the sea”, is a small town on the coast of the North Sea in the municipality of Beverwijk in the province of North Holland of the Netherlands. Excuse me for copying this description from Wikipedia.

I stayed 2 nights in my cousin’s house in this lovely town 1.5 hour away from Amsterdam. Shout out to Carl and his mother, Sylvana, for hosting me and giving me such a wonderful experience! I’m beyond grateful to have finally met you two, Romy, Opa Henk, and Ralph!

I’ve noticed that there are not many blog posts about Wijk aan Zee that we can easily find on Google, so I really need to give this town the justice they deserve. The town’s a hidden gem of Holland and I would recommend you to give it at least a day trip when you go to Amsterdam!

To get there, you need to take NS Sprinter train from Amsterdam Centraal to Beverwijk. The ticket cost 5.80 Euros per way, so for return tickets will be 11.60 Euros. From Beverwijk, you will need to get on a local bus heading to Wijk aan Zee, and the fare is 4.20 Euros per way – which makes it 8.40 Euros for return.

Wijk aan Zee is not a va va voom city like Amsterdam — so  if you’re looking for a place to partyyy and get high, I don’t think you should go there. Well, bear in mind there could be some exception in certain season/month, since the town hosts Tata Steel Chess Tournament every year… so I guess it could occasionally be busy?

Overall, Wijk aan Zee is a calm and relaxing area where people go there to enjoy the beach. Yaaasss, hashtag beach life hashtag vitamin sea, baby! The beach, even though it’s cold and super windy compared to those beaches in tropical areas, is extremely clean. I love when things are super clean, guys, so Wijk aan Zee beach definitely didn’t fail me. I mean, look at these photos:

Wijk aan Zee - 5

Wijk aan Zee - 4

Wijk aan Zee - 3

Wijk aan Zee - 2

Wijk aan Zee - 7

Wijk aan Zee - 6

Aside from the sea, the downtown is such a pretty little neighbourhood! With population of only about 2,400 citizens, Wijk aan Zee offers you small hotels, restaurants, and bars around the corner. The whole ambience feels peaceful and intimate.

Wijk aan Zee Downtown - 4

Wijk aan Zee Downtown - 2

Wijk aan Zee Downtown - 3

Wijk aan Zee Downtown - 1

Wijk aan Zee Downtown - 6

Wijk aan Zee Downtown - 5

I can’t really review anything related to the hotels and dining places since I spent most of my time in Wijk aan Zee with my family in their house. Thanks again, Carl and Sylvana!

Wijk aan Zee Fam - 3
Carl, Misha (me), Opa Henk, and Sylvana
Wijk aan Zee Fam - 2
Dutch dinner!
Wijk aan Zee Fam - 4
Indonesian dinner!
Wijk aan Zee Fam - 1
Honourable mention: Charlie!

If you have been to Wijk aan Zee or any other beach areas in the Netherlands, please share your experience by leaving a comment below! 🙂

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Cheers ×××

Wijk aan Zee - 1
Thanks for being my model, Carl! x

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