Random Stuff (+ Tips) in Hamburg


Previously, I have reviewed Hamburg’s main attractions in my post: Hamburg-ering!. Here, you can find random interesting and absurd/funny stuff that stole my attention while I was exploring the city! Make sure you read the caption of each photo to find the description and some tips as well.

This tip is special for my Asian fellows! Germans eat bread everyday – and it’s common to have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! It’s basically like rice for Indonesians (or Asians – in general). They have great and cheap options for bread, I’ll have to admit! However, if you’re tired of eating bread all the time, you can find a bunch of restaurants around the city that have rice dishes. I had this big plate in the picture from a Turkish restaurant. Oh, and one more thing, I forgot to take a picture, but if you go to a supermarket in Germany, make sure you try their beers. There are approximately 1300 breweries in Germany, producing over 5000 brands of beer. If you try different brand everyday, you won’t run out of option for almost 14 years. And if you try it every week, you’ll always have something new to try for about 96 years. Maybe you’re already dead even before you try all of them, LOL!
Taking ferry trips around the city is also a fun thing to do while in Hamburg! If you’re traveling in a group of 2-5 persons, it’s very recommended to buy the 9AM Group Ticket, which only costs 11,60 Euros for the whole group. This ticket is also valid for trains and buses in Greater Hamburg Area. For more details about this ticket and other ticketing options, check here.
Left: A violist/busker who looked like ‘ondel-ondel‘ in Jakarta 😀 — Right: A dog patiently waiting for its owner who was shopping in H&M store — Bottom: What can I say? That’s definitely the longest name of a shop I’ve ever seen…
Found these in Blankenese neighborhood. Upper: Some rich folk parked his private wooden boat in front if his/her huge frontyard — Bottom: Some short story by a house window.
Stuff you can find in Preis Oase | Discounter-Kaufhaus store in Hamburg-Altona area. They’re selling a lot of Halloween stuff in autumn.
A place where you can get a secondhand stuff for FREE. Seriously, people would often bring their unused belongings or furniture to this little corner and just leave it there for someone else to take it! And of course, if you, on the other side, also want to throw away some things – but think there might be people who can still make use of the items – you can just drop them there! It’s a really great idea of exchanging stuff.

Thanks for reading! Make sure you also check out my other travel stories in this blog! xxx

7 thoughts on “Random Stuff (+ Tips) in Hamburg

  1. I just found this blog and very nice. I have a boyfriend and he’s German from Hamburg, we plan to visit Hamburg in winter, so excited.
    Nice vlog Misha 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Will do!

    Hell yeah, he’s from Hamburg and loves Hamburger haha but because he lives and work in Jakarta so i make him eat rice more 😀
    I showed your blog to him and he told me more about those places above especially the shop that has very long and complicated name which only contained 2 words haha

    Keep blogging, Misha. You got a new reader now 🙂



    1. Thanks, Ulfa!!

      Hahahah I was craving for rice so much when I was in Hamburg, and finally found that Turkish restaurant – so relieved, LOL!

      So what is that shop with the long name, actually? So curious!


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