My 5D4N stay in Hamburg, Germany was mainly for visiting my old friends – Angi and Michel. They are a couple, originally from Stuttgart, whom I’ve known since I was living in Bali. When I was in Hamburg, it was also Angi and Michel’s last week staying in the city as they were planning to go back to Stuttgart, and then later move to Switzerland. So we spent a lot of quality time just sharing stories with each other. I definitely had a special time staying at their place – as I got to experience living like a ‘Hamburger’ or a German, away from the touristy spots. However, Angi and Michel did show me around as well, and here I will show my photo collection of Hamburg’s attractions!


Let’s start from one of the most important (boring) buildings in the city first, haha 😀 Hamburg Rathaus is the city/town hall. It is also one among a few completely preserved old buildings of Hamburg. In front of it is Rathausmarkt which is often used for events and festivals, for example Christmas Market every December.

Hamburg Rathaus
Hygieia Fountain
Sloperstein, cobblestone-size concrete cube bearing a brass plate inscribed with the name and life dates of victims of Nazi extermination or persecution.
My friends, Angi and Michel, talking to a stranger about this city miniature in front of Hamburg Rathaus.

Around ST. PAULI

St. Pauli is located in the northern part of Port of Hamburg, which is normally known as the host area of the world-famous red light district, Reeperbahn. Nonetheless, there’s still a lot more of St. Pauli that is worth to see/visit, especially the low-key restaurants and graffitis painted by local young people.

You can totally feel a young and fun vibe around St. Pauli area.
This car seems to be a little out of place, though!
Schmitt Foxy Food – some kind of ‘snack bar’ that is loved by locals.
German sausage with cheese and curry sauce. I don’t remember its name on the menu, though… sorry!


Reeperbahn, as I mentioned previously, is the red light district in Hamburg. So many strip clubs, sex shops, and brothels are in this neighborhood – and even, some of the smaller streets are forbidden for women to enter. You can see explicit posters/signs displayed here, from image of uncensored naked women to ‘service fees’ on the front doors. Prostitution is legal in Germany, by the way.

Sorry again, I had to censor this, haha.
Err, another kind of twister. LOL.
This reminds me of Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, but much less crowded.
If you’re not interested in the red light district, you can still see something interesting in Reeperbahn – which is The Beatles!!!


Hamburg-Altona is a railway station, and surrounding it there’s a lot of department stores, shops, and restaurants. With many train lines and shopping places, the area is certainly pretty crowded. I would recommend you to go there if you’re thinking of buying souvenirs from Hamburg!

Following Angi in Hamburg-Altona area.
Preis Oase | Discounter-Kaufhaus, a shop that sells random stuff (with many strange items!). For souvenirs, I totally recommend you to visit this shop.
One of the ‘malls’ around Hamburg-Altona.
Flower seeds being sold in the streets. So nice!


Was once a fishing village along the Elbe River, nowadays Blankenese is one of Germany’s wealthiest neighborhoods. This was my favorite area in Hamburg. It was just full of beautiful houses and interesting corners – everything was just so picturesque!

Angi and Michel told me that it’ll cost you a fortune to purchase a property in this affluent neighborhood. Mostly people who own the houses there are the ones who had families living there for generations.
Walking around Blankenese could be quite confusing if you don’t activate your GPS or bring a map, but there are many signs like this – so it’ll help.
The view of Elbe River between the houses.
The hilly and pretty neighborhood of Blankenese!

If you also wanna see some other interesting or absurd/funny things I found in the city, you may check my other post: Random Stuff (+ Tips) in Hamburg. Yes, you’ll find some useful tips, too!

Last but not least, I’d like to thank Angi and Michel for hosting me in Hamburg, and I wish you guys a great time in Switzerland! See you again, hopefully soon xxx

Misha, Angi, and Michel

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