V for Va…lentine

It’s February 14!

Well, it’s probably a little bit too late to say it now, as I’m sure this post will be published on February 15 by the time I finish writing it. But anyway, better than pretending that Valentine’s Day did not happen! So Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day! 🙂


On this year’s Valentine’s Day, I didn’t go out at all. I gave a surprise gift for my boyfriend last night (Feb 13), and he cooked special dinner for me today (Feb 14): Pumpkin Soup and some Pork Chops with Beetroot Purée. LOVELY.

Pork Chops with Beetroot Purée

Another good news of the day. My good friend, Eurike, who replaced me in Training Department of Banyan Tree Ungasan, just moved in today. Yes, she’s going to rent Jutet’s house and take care of our puppies while we’re away in Bangkok. Tomorrow I’m going to start ‘training’ her about how to use things in the house and how to handle the puppies, for sure.

This is Eurike with Go-Chan, one adorable dog in Pomegranate Cafe Ubud.

Okay, I wanna share something related to Valentine’s Day now. Actually I have been googling about things related to Valentine’s Day, since I didn’t have any idea what to post. I didn’t hang out to any specific place today to post something about “Hey, you should take your date here!” along with photos of food that would make you envy my Valentine date, or something like that. My boyfriend and I were just too lazy to go out, on this special day (whose importance has been exaggerated by way too many people, haha).

So, basically, I was blank. Out of idea. Until I got reminded of a movie I watched years ago. It’s called Valentine. Check the movie poster below.

This movie was released in February 2001. Long time ago, but still good to watch.

First of all, I’m a big fan of thriller and horror movies. So if you’re also fed up with all these mellow drama movies about love in February, and more into something ‘bloody’, you may try this as your Valentine date movie. You’re lucky if your boyfriend/girlfriend is into it, too.

PS: I’m very lucky. My boyfriend, he has an even sicker taste for movies. He likes Ichi the Killer by Takashi Miike. Dang!


You might recognize some well-known faces in the poster. Yup, there’s that Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: David Boreanaz. If you follow Grey’s Anatomy series, you may also recognize Katherine Heigl there. I personally think that Denise Richards, the brunette-haired girl in the red dress, is the hottest cast… even though I don’t know any other movies or TV series which she starred in. I heard she used to have a TV reality show about herself, though, but I never watched it.

This movie starts with a scene of a junior high school dance in the late 80’s. One boy named Jeremy Melton, portrayed as an ugly weirdo, tried to ask four girls to dance with him. Three of them rejected him cruelly, while the other one turned down his invitation in a kind and polite way. Jeremy ended up making out with an overweight girl -who accepted his invitation to dance- somewhere a little bit hidden at the dance hall. When they got caught in the act by a group of bullies, the overweight girl all the sudden accused him for sexually harassing her in front of everyone, to hide the fact that she was embarrassed of being discovered while together with Jeremy. This caused the bullies to strip him naked and beat him up in public.

Thirteen years after, all the girls asked for a dance by Jeremy, had grown up and become beautiful ladies. Problems start when one of the girls receives a vulgar Valentine’s card, and later gets killed as someone slit her throat. One by one, the other girls also receive similar kind of Valentine’s cards and afterwards get killed brutally as well.

You will (obviously) think that the murderer is Jeremy, who has somehow come back to begin the terror for these girls who rejected him in the junior high school dance. But… is it really him? Could the murderer be somebody else from their friends circle? You won’t know how the murderer’s face looks like behind the Cupid mask until the end of the movie, where the last murder happens on the Valentine’s Day party.

Oh yeah, don’t tell me that’s typical Hollywood thriller movie! I KNOW, RIIIGHT…? They all have more or less the same plot. Remember Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, etc.? But hey, whatever. I like those sh*ts, especially if I get to watch them in a cinema, or with some home theater. Sound effect is the most important element in a thriller or horror movie, anyway.

And no, THE BLONDE DOES NOT ALWAYS DIE in this kind of movie :p

Well, I sincerely hope you like my movie recommendation. If you have watched this movie, too, tell me what you think about it by leaving a comment on this post. Oh, and just FYI, there is another thriller movie called My Bloody Valentine, released in 2009, in case you have watched Valentine and are looking for some other movie. I haven’t watched this one, though. So if you have, then it’s your turn to tell me about it. Once again, Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, buddies 🙂


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