It’s been more than 4 years since the last time I blogged!

So many things have happened, and I can’t share everything since that’ll be too many stories.

My comeback here was actually triggered by some encouragement from my former colleague in Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort: Asti Rassi, the HR Business Partner for Starwood Bali Resorts Collection. She also owns a blog under the address of – check! 🙂

We were both working in Human Resources Department in that company. I was only working there for 4 months, though, as the HR Executive, before I resigned due to some personal reasons.

That’s me, the one with the glasses, with Asti – the hottie from Kupang! 🙂

One day I was sharing with her about my idea of writing a book dedicated to the first jobbers in hotel industry. This idea came up after I handled employee and intern recruitment for months, and realized that actually LOTS of people still didn’t know how to write a proper application letter, how to create an organized CV, how to convince interviewer in an interview session, and so on. So many applicants were just unbelievably horrible in the recruitment process that it made me wonder: What did they learn during the time they were studying in those hospitality schools? So bad!

Remember this! Also, if you’re planning to study PSYCHOLOGY, okay?!

Asti agreed that it was a great idea and she was sure that it would help a lot of people to go through their first recruitment process to get their first job. Then, she asked me, “Why don’t you just write in in a blog?” – Dang!!! That was when I got reminded that I… actually already had a blog, that I had abandoned for years! :p

Well it took me a while after that conversation to finally make a comeback here. I asked Asti advices about how to design the layout of my blog, etc. My old blog’s design sucked. And I’m not an expert in web design or anything, so I kinda needed help from her just to update my blog, which was in the end very simple: I just had to update the f*ckin’ template. Haha.

So yeah, here I am, again! 🙂

Honestly I had deleted some old posts before publishing this new one, because I think some of them were way too trashy… I just kept 6 posts from all of those old posts I wrote in 2010. Feel free to read them as well and give comments if you feel like 🙂

I’m planning to blog about my traveling experiences as well as the “tips & tricks for first jobber in hotel industry”. So just wait up. I’ll come back in a few days! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Comeback

  1. Ehhh cieehhh yang fianalehhh nge-blog lagi… i am really happyto know you're back… ditunggu postingan2 ttg travel berikutnya… udah ngga sabar baca kisah2 seru di semua negara antah berantah yang pernah lu kunjungi hahah 🙂


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